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About Alliance

ALG offers strategic business capabilities not often found in a law firm. As business people and policy advisors, who also happen to be attorneys, our primary objective is the same as yours - the success of your enterprise or project. That's how our business succeeds.

ALG also advises governments and businesses on the legal, regulatory, and public policy issues affecting the creation, development, and use of technology. Through our international practice, we are active in both the economically developed and developing world. And, although we are American lawyers, when we work internationally, we bring to bear not only our knowledge of U.S. law, policy, and practices but a broad knowledge of and experience with international best practices from throughout the world.

As business lawyers who focus on technology issues, we can help high-tech companies fully exploit and bring to market new cutting-edge technologies; we can also assist more traditional companies in identifying and managing the legal and policy issues associated with their use of new technologies. And as advisors to governments, we can help to develop, implement, and maintain regulatory and public policy environments that facilitate the creation, commercialization, and effective utilization of technology around the world.

Whether you need advice on corporate law, telecommunications law, or technology issues, Internet or Electronic Commerce matters, intellectual property, commercial real estate transactions, international issues, or modifications of commercial loans or home mortgage loans,  ALG can serve as a valuable member of your team.



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